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The project “Media and Public Credibility” was initiated with the goal of establishing transparency of media ownership, media financing and advertising in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project is focused on preparing the legislative framework for the regulation of these fields that are of special importance for the freedom of expression, protection of journalists and prevention of pressures against media and journalists, motivated by political and financial reasons. Concurrently, the project relies on EU standards of transparency of media ownership and media pluralism, and the protection of the value of the journalism profession and its credibility in the public.

The project “Media and Public Credibility” is financed by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its realization is conducted by  Consortium consisting of the Media Center Sarajevo Foundation, the Press Council in BiH, the JaBiHEU NGO and the BH Journalists Association.

The public presentation of the project was organized by the Consortium on November 18, 2016 in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, along with participation and support of Mr. Lars-Gunnar WigemarkaChief of the European Union Delegation and Special Representative of the EU in BiH, and Mr. Ismir Juske, Minister of Traffic and Communication in the Council of Ministers of BiH, as well as of representatives from the Parliament of BiH, media and media organizations in BiH.

The detailed report from the public promotion of the Project can be read here:

The Project will last three years, and it will include analysis of the current state in the media in BiH, with regards to transparency of media ownership, media financing and advertising, debates at Round Tables and conferences with representatives from media, media and legal experts, representatives of the Parliament of BiH, as well as public discussion. The Project should bring the proposal of the Law on Transparency of Media Ownership and Financing, as well as the Law on Advertising in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the proposals of these laws shall be sent to the parliamentary procedure for discussion and adoption.

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