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- Improvement of ethical and professional standards in the print and online media, by supervising the application of the Press Code, and by permanent education of journalists and the public about necessities to respect freedom of expression and responsible, professional reporting
- Sustainable Press Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina as self-regulatory body for print and online media, recognized by themedia industry and the public as a tool for protection of media freedom and professional journalism from political, economical or any other pressures that jeopardize freedom of informing


- First self-regulatory body for the print and online media in the Region of Western Balkan and SEE, whose establishment is supported by the BH print and online media industry and journalists’ community
- Genuine in Bosnia-Herzegovina, registered at the state level
- Has representatives of the media industry, public and journalists in its bodies
- Has multiethnic structure
- Decisions on the public complaints on unprofessional print and online media reporting, are adopted in accordance with the BH Press Code standards


- To be recognised by the BH public as an expression of good will of the media industry to apply self-regulatory system in the print and online media, adhering to the Press Code in everyday work of the print and online media journalists
- To be recognised by the public as an expression of readiness of the print and online media industry to fully protect citizens from the irresponsible print and online media and unethical and unprofessional journalistic reporting


Respecting the Codex for press and online media of Bosnia and Herzegovina in daily journalistic work, protecting the public from irresponsible and unethical media reporting.

The Association is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization that, based on the principle of free and voluntary membership of the Association, gathers its members to achieve the goals and activities established by this Statute.

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